Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How would you feel if you could spend a week with two young men?

The German Bundestag, as a gesture to the 60th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, invited 25 Shoa survivors together with a member of the second or third generation to come to their town of birth in Germany to give talks in Schools. ASF (Aktion Suehnezeichen) took upon itself to coordinate and make all the necessary arrangements. ASF asked me to accept this invitation.
The date was fixed for the week of 20. – 28. September 2008.
My sons and daughter are busy, as are most of my grandchildren.
But my grandson Ido (23) agreed to come along. The survivor should tell his or her life story and the young generation his or her attitude to the Shoa. As I had lived in Berlin until I left home for Scotland with a Kinder Transport in 1939, several schools in Berlin were chosen.
A special power point presentation “3 plus 3 Generations”, told my narrative. By showing pictures of three generations as we lived together in Germany, my grandmothers family, my parents and my brother and sister and myself, while through the next three generations, my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I feel rooted in Israel.
For Ido there was also a power point presentation, pictures from school, army life and his hobbies. In the last minute his brother Yoni (25) who was globetrotting at the time, joined us for the week in Berlin.
Accompanied by a coordinator, a young girl (21) from ASF and two young men, my grandsons, we set out each morning to another school, from sixth grade, (aged eleven), to grade thirteen, (aged eighteen to twenty). We were also invited to an Integration Center for young immigrants from Eastern Europe, who had done research for their newsletter about my family during the Nazi Regime and also arranged for a press conference including a member of the Bundestag.
All told we spoke to twelve different groups and were well received everywhere.
I have often spoken in schools in Israel and in Germany, but this time was very special for me. I enjoyed very much to be in the company of two young men who, where ever we went made an excellent impression on every body.

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