Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A month later.

My belly was so swollen that it looked as if I was in the tenth month of pregnancy, which at my age of 84 was not very likely.
A visit to the doctor brought with it a lot more visits, tests and examinations of all sorts. They found out that I had cancerous growths in my abdomen. I urgently needed major surgery.
On the 10th of January 2008 I lay on the table in the operation theater and a team of doctors labored for five and a half hours to remove eight and a half kilogram, great lumps of growth as well as jelly like liquate.
Whereas before the operation I weight 70 kg, I now weigh a mere 54 kg.
Danny, my son, looked after me before and after the operation, he helped me sit up when told by the doctor to do so and walked me up and down the corridor as ordered.
A week after the operation we were told that he could take me home. Weak as I was, he kept me on my toes, walked with me, brought me food and in short, he was the best caretaker I could have hoped for.
In my absence my apartment was broken in. Not that the burglar found much aside from my ring, a golden necklace a couple of hundred Shekel, but he empty out all my shelves and drawers. I could not find a thing. Day by day I labored to put things right again. It gave me something to do.
My children, all my grandchildren and some of my great-grandchildren visited me, as well as a number of well - wishers and friends.
Within a month of the operation I am back to my old routine, do my shopping and cooking, started to give talks again to youth groups at home and at Yad Vashem.
Doctors are amazed at my quick recovery.
It is obviously a combination of good care on Danny’s side as well as my ardent wish to regain my autonomy and independency.
If there is a purpose to life I have to give it a chance. I have to have an aim to live up to. As long as I can, I feel that I want to give rather than take. I am glad that I can still contribute in different ways. My social engagement means a lot to me.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ester,
I was pondering about you, reading your marvelous book again, remembering your visit in Cottbus years ago - even in our home. What a pleasant time. Since two years we live and work as family in Moscow. I still visit a lot of Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine. Hope you get better. Would love to hear from you. Love, brave Lady!!!
Henry & Elke Kosak, from East Germany in Cottbus, now Moscow