Saturday, August 4, 2007

Finding a friend

Daily I receive different e.mails. Recently I received the following:

I am writing on behalf of Henni Pollack, who now lives in Portland, Maine. She is a friend of Esther Dubester (from Israel) and she was trying to get in touch with her. Do you know if she is still living and if so, how Henni can get in touch with her. I appreciate your time and your attention.
Thank you very much,
Susan Berkman

Esther Dubester aged 87 is an old friend of mine. I phoned her and asked her permission to pass on her phone number. She was very pleased to hear that Henni is still around. They are friends from early childhood but had lost touch with each other.
I was curious to find out how Susan had got unto me of all people. So I asked her and that is her reply:

Thank you so much for writing to me. I spoke to Henni last night and she too was so excited to that her friend was 'found'. She was going to try to call her today. It's amazing how this came to be. Henni lives in an Independent Living Residence in Maine. A friend of mine and I volunteer and do Shabbat services there Friday evenings. She saw I was looking up some information for another resident there so she asked if I could try to find her friend. I was not having any luck trying to look on the computer under Israel White pages. So I 'googled' the name Ester Dubester and got a match. That's because you mentioned her in the story you wrote. Computers are not always good but they are fascinating how they work. I then saw she was a friend of yours. So next I 'googled' you. Some stuff came up and said how you were involved with the Interfaith Encounter Organization. Next, I e-mailed them to see if they knew how to get in touch with you. They e-mailed me back with your e-mail, so then I e-mailed you and now here we are! All because you mentioned Esther in your writing, my friend Henni can now make contact with her friend Esther. It's a wonderful thing. Thanks again for your time and responding to me.
I think we both did a Mitzva (spelling?).

The story I mentioned Esther Dubester in, is my unpublished manuscript “Please to meet you”, which really is the story of my life. Esther Dubester lives in Tel Aviv. While I still lived in Haifa, I participated at a two day a week University course. Esther kindly put me up over night week after week until I finished the course. That was the beginning of my academic studies. Thanks to that I later got my B.A. in Sociology and educational counseling at the Haifa University. By then I was already a grandmother. Soon after I started to use the computer.
By now I am a great-grandmother live in Jerusalem and enjoy keeping in touch with people the world over and also prepare power point projections for my talks about the Holocaust and other subjects.
As Susan said, computers are not always good but what would we do without them. At least Esther Dubester and Henni , who is almost 90, could once more talk to each other.

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